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For visionary entrepreneurs looking to step into the digital CEO role in their business and for Integrators looking to level up. You'll get the tools and insights you need to create more impact and more income together.

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The Digital COO Academy is designed to support integrator-types, doers, and “digital COOs” who want to level up, and to help digital CEOs leverage their most-valued team members so they can create more impact together.
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Hey There!

I’m Kristin and I'm all about helping digital CEOs and the experts who support them create more impact and more income together. Because I believe we all have our own innate strengths and, when we pair up with the right people, amazing things can happen.

As a digital COO (basically an integrator and operations expert) for a number of high-performing digital CEOs, I’ve learned that there is nothing more powerful than the right relationship and the right tools. Dreamers and doers are like wine and chocolate — they’re just better together.

So how did I get here?

How Digital Dreamers and Doers Can Work Together

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The relationship between a digital CEO (a dreamer) and a digital COO (a doer) is complex — and it requires communication, understanding, and trust. I help VAs, biz managers, and operations experts support digital CEOs who have big ideas but need help executing on them.

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Launches, project planning, progress updates, metrics, organization… a digital doer is the left brain to a digital CEO’s right brain. I help VAs and other integrator-types find the systems, processes, and tools they need to trigger momentum.

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A dreamer digital CEO is never stationary for long. Assistants, managers, and operations experts who become their digital COOs need to know how to navigate their client’s new ideas, big dreams, and changes in focus through communication and prioritization.

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