Plan, Execute, Profit.

I help creative entrepreneurs and online experts create a plan to achieve more revenue, faster results, and more freedom in their businesses. 



Join me for a new podcast episode each week where we uncover how to create more freedom in your business through careful planning, the right mindset, and solid systems. I chat all about making more revenue in less time, working smarter not harder, and running a business on your terms so that you can, you know...actually enjoy it.


Are you ready to increase your revenue and finally have your most profitable year yet? If you’re ready to earn more so that you can work LESS, grab my FREE workbook, 5 Steps to Your Most Profitable Year. In it I walk you through 5 actionable steps to implement in your business NOW that will help you finally get serious about your business’s bottom line.


Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm, remove distractions, boost your productivity, and save hours each week? Join the 7 Day Productivity Challenge and get a daily productivity tactic and challenge to do. By the end of the week your business back-end will be organized and you'll have a batch schedule and plan of action.


Ready to ditch the overwhelm and create a simple plan for more profit in your business?

Be the first to know when the doors open again to Plan To Profit, a monthly program that helps you create a strategy, break it all down, and get it done. If you're ready create a plan to move your goals across the finish line, sign up for the waitlist and be one step closer to a more efficient business that puts you on the fast-track to more profit.

Hey there!

I’m Kristin and I'm all about helping creatives and online experts create a plan to achieve more revenue, faster results, and more freedom in their businesses. Because when you feel relaxed and confident in the direction of your business, you have the freedom to truly enjoy your family and the things you love.

I'm a wife, mom of three kiddos (and 3 dogs), owner of two businesses, organization addict, beauty & skincare lover, marathoner, and wine drinker (let's be honest, I need at least one vice to manage all of the above). A northerner by way of Los Angeles, I am now happily settled just outside Nashville, Tennessee and love everything about living in the suburbs of Music City. After spending 10 years managing a successful wedding planning company, Stunning Events, I now help creatives and online experts plan and manage profitable businesses that fit into fulfilling lives.

So how did I get here?


The Pricing Workbook

If you're ready to scale your online business with courses, coaching, or digital products but you're worried that if you price your offer too high, no one will buy it or even worse, you'll price it too low and you'll still be stuck well below your revenue goals, it's time to create a pricing strategy and value ladder that converts more sales and makes you more money with The Pricing Workbook.


Plan To Profit

What if you could feel more relaxed and confident in your business? If you’re constantly in hustle-mode, unsure of what to focus on, and feeling like you should have made a million dollars by now but you’re still stuck at the same level need a plan and a system. Plan to Profit is a monthly program that helps entrepreneurs who are pivoting into coaching, online programs, and digital products, create a strategy, break it down, and make more money. Sign up for the waitlist and be one step closer to a more efficient business that puts you on the fast-track to more profit.


The Profit Accelerator

Are you ready to take your launches to the next level? What if you had complete clarity and focus on the direction of your business and knew exactly what do to get your offers to convert? The Profit Accelerator is a 6 month group coaching and mastermind program for Visionaries who need an Integrator in their back pocket to help grow and scale their launches to the next level.


"Kristin took the time to understand the in's and out's of my business, where my revenue was coming from and how I can capitalize on my current revenue generating services. Since re-vamping my prices I have significantly less clients, but I am on track to make more than double what I made last year. "

Kari Roberts
Hair & Make-Up Artist

"Kristin understands the creative industry and, more importantly, she understands how its individual parts complement each other. Kristin was able to look at my invitation and stationery business and establish a strategy to maximize profits, not just through pricing, but also by focusing on my relationships with other vendors.​ ​She's been an amazing resource to have."

Nadine Eiserer
Endash Designs

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