Why You Don't Need Another Course

Aug 13, 2020
On this episode we’re talking all about why you probably don't need to buy another course to get the results you're looking for in your business and what to do instead.
  1. The reason so many online business owners buy courses but never finish them
  2. What's really...
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Are You Derailing Your Own Success?

Jul 16, 2020
Today we’re talking all about how you might be getting in the way of the growth of your business and talking about strategies to really speed up the success of your business.
  1. What's keeping you stuck at the same level of business
  2. How momentum is the key to...
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Lessons From My Launch v.3

Jun 17, 2020
On this episode I'm giving you a behind the scenes look at my last launch...what worked, what didn't work, and what I'm changing and improving upon for the next one.
  1. The #1 thing that made the biggest difference in this launch and why I'm so excited to launch...
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Getting Your Team To Work Effectively with Latasha Doyle

May 26, 2020
This week I'm bringing back my content manager & copyrighter, Latasha Doyle as a co-host and we're talking all about how to get your team to work more effectively together.
  1. The difference in teams that have an integrator vs. teams that don't
  2. How to lead more...
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Should You Hire a VA or an Integrator First?

May 18, 2020
In this week's episode, I'm answering the popular question, should build your team by hiring a VA or an integrator first?
  1. The big mistake I made when first building a team in my wedding planning business
  2. The primary role of the integrator or Digital COO...
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Why Hiring An Integrator Won't Fix Your Business

May 11, 2020
Today we're discussing why bringing on an integrator isn't a one-step solution to growing your business.
  1. What it means to step into the CEO role in your business
  2. What's keeping online business owners stuck
  3. Three reasons hiring an integrator isn't going to fix your...
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What Makes A Great Integrator?

May 03, 2020
Today I'm sharing exactly what goes into being an integrator or Digital COO to online business owners and the various roles that the COO plays on the team.
  1. How the role of an integrator is different in the online business world than in corporations or brick and...
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How Scarcity Thinking Is Holding Your Team Back with Latasha Doyle

Apr 20, 2020
Today my own content manager and copyrighter, Latasha Doyle is joining me to co-host this week's episode and we are exploring how running a team from a place of scarcity is holding your business back.
  1. The mistakes we see online business owners making when managing...
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Building & Leading a Team with Kaylan Thompson

Apr 14, 2020
On this episode I interview hiring strategist and leadership coach, Kaylan Thompson and we discuss how to build a strong and dedicated team.
  1. How to know when you're ready to hire and build a team
  2. Tips for attracting top-tier, A-level team members who...
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Should You Hire an Expert Integrator? Or Train Up Your Team?

Apr 07, 2020
On this episode we’re tackling an important question, should you train a member of your team to be your integrator OR should you hire a an experienced integrator?
  1. Why many business coaches don't think you should hire an integrator
  2. The pros and cons of...
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