How to Create a No-Brainer Offer

How do you improve your offers, so that when you do launch, it’s a no brainer for your customer to buy? It won’t matter how amazing your launch or marketing strategy is if no one actually wants what you’re offering or it’s not what your audience even needs. Without making the decision to buy your offer a complete no brainer for your customer, you aren’t going to see the sales you want. 

I recently got to experience what it’s like to have a no-brainer offer right out of the gate. (Which has never happened to me before until this past year.) In the past I’ve put out an offer only to have it fall flat or just have a few sales, and it takes me launching it again and again after re-working the offer a few times, changing up the messaging, playing with the price, until I would finally start seeing the sales and revenue from it that I wanted.

But with the Digital COO Academy launch, I didn’t have to do any marketing or even any selling really and I was able to sell out my beta-launch. Why did that happen? Because the offer was a no brainer and it was exactly what my audience wanted and needed. And how did I know they wanted and needed it? Because people had been asking me for a training program for integrators and COO’s for well over a year. They told me that’s what THEY wanted.

And that my friends is the first step in creating a no-brainer offer. Build the thing that your audience asks you for, not the thing that you think that they need. I made that mistake for years! I kept thinking that my audience needed more structure in their business, they needed more planning, and sure they absolutely did, but what they really needed was for someone ELSE to put that structure and planning in place. They needed someone to fill that COO/integrator role. But they had no idea where to find someone, what to look for in hiring someone, or how to train that person. People kept asking me when I was going to start an online integrator school, so naturally all I had to do was just put it out there. I hadn’t even built the program yet, but it was a no-brainer for the CEO’s that I knew because they had been asking me for it.

Seth Godin explains this really well in his book This Is Marketing with the concept of a lock and key. Most people market themselves or their offer as a key and then spend all this time trying to find a lock to fit into. But what they should be doing is starting with the lock, meaning the problem or struggle your ideal person is having, and crafting a key that fits into it.

If you have an audience, start asking them what they actually need. If you could create a program that would magically solve their biggest problem, what would it be? What do they actually WANT from you? And then listen!

Let’s say you don’t have a big audience or even any audience at all, but you have an idea and you really think it’s what people need and want. How do you test it? With a beta launch! For a quick review, a beta launch is when you test the waters with an offer by putting it out there BEFORE you create it, to see if anyone actually wants it. If you find a whole bunch of ideal customers and offer them this thing and no one buys, well there’s a good indication that you don’t have a no brainer offer yet. But the good news is, you haven’t spent a ton of time and effort building the offer or sinking a ton of money into marketing it.

Nevertheless, so many entrepreneurs skip the beta launch. They want the fast lane to the really big successful launch. So they just dive right in and build their course or online program, make all these big marketing funnels, put money into ads and then after all that work, they don’t see any results, so they give up. Before you ever create a funnel, or plan a launch, you first need to put your offer out there and see if anyone wants it. If they don’t, then back the drawing board. 

Now another big key to a no-brainer offer is value. Notice I said, value not price. To learn why value is so important to your offer and how to build it, grab your airpods and listen to episode 088 here.



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