Why You Don't Need Another Course

productivity tips Aug 13, 2020

I wanted to address the sort of running joke in the online business world about courses. How many times have you heard people either joke or lament about the fact that they’ve probably bought a dozen courses and finished exactly zero of them. Am I right? And maybe you’ve also bought a course or online program and then either never opened it, or went through the first couple modules and got stuck.

Let’s dig into why we as entrepreneurs keep buying these courses that we don’t finish, what’s actually keeping us stuck in the cycle of education, and what you can do to get out of it.

Why do we buy online courses? Why is the online education industry one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now? Well it’s simple - because we want results. It’s not that we’re looking to learn necessarily. It’s that we have identified a problem in our business whether it’s sales, or marketing, or being overwhelmed, and someone comes along with a shiny new object…I mean course….that promises to FIX it. I mean that’s basic sales strategy right there: identify the problem or struggle, show that you have the solution, and bam someone will pay you. I’ve got nothing against sales and marketing strategy, I mean you have to appeal to both someone’s logical left brain and the more emotional right brain to convince them to part with their money and invest in something.

But the issues lies in WHY we think we need the course in the first place. The amazing thing about an online course is that it can be like a fast lane. Why not learn from someone who’s already gotten the results you want and learn how they did it. I’ve bought a lot of courses myself over the years, finished most of them, and use their great information to grow my business. The problem is that so many entrepreneurs are buying courses and then not using them. Because they are buying them for the wrong reasons.

Have you ever bought a course because you felt that THAT course held the key? It held THE secret that you know you need to finally crack the code of online business and skyrocket your growth. I sure have. We buy so many online courses because we think they are the magic bullets. We trick ourselves into thinking that we are somehow missing some key ingredient, some key piece of information that somehow all the successful entrepreneurs seem to have and as soon as we find that secret key or magic bullet, everything is just going to fall into place. When we start these new “magic" course or program, and nothing changes immediately, we start looking for the next thing that’s going to fix our business and solve our problems.

Well guess what - there is no magic bullet. I mean deep down I think we all know that. So the next course you buy isn’t going to hold some secret that everyone’s been keeping from you and only the successful people know.

However, the course still might give you great information, and give you strategies and tips. But the only thing that’s going to get you where you want to go is actually putting it into action; experimenting with those strategies, trying different things, and executing in your business over and over and over again. We all want our businesses to just suddenly gain traction and everything to fall into place, but that doesn’t happen because of one secret strategy, it happens when when you put in the work.

Take launching for example. Launching is nothing more than an experiment. Each launch is an experiment for me to gain data, that I can then look at to figure out what to change and improve upon for the next launch. I’ve certainly learned about launching and learned launch strategies from courses that I’ve taken over the years, but the only way I could learn exactly what strategies would work for MY audience (or in many cases for my clients since I manage a lot of launches for all my 1-1 integration clients)… is by getting out there and launching over and over and over again, with the same offer.

Courses can give you some direction and some of the tools and ingredients you need for your experiments, but at the end of the day, you have to actually go out and experiment. You have to do the work and execute. But what happens when it's time to finally execute, suddenly the fear or overwhelm creeps in and what do we do? We tell ourselves, we need another course! Because we use courses and online education as a form of procrastination from doing what we really need to be doing. We should be putting our offer out there, asking for the sale, talking to our audience, launching over and over again. But that’s where the real education is - in the doing.

To hear more tips about the content in the courses and why I only buy one or two a year, listen to episode 087.


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