How Disney Delivers Massive Value & Removes Price Objections

business strategy Apr 16, 2018

As you may know, if you follow me on Instagram, my husband and I brought our two girls on a trip to Disney World (we left the baby with my parents because, honestly, who wants to bring a baby to Disney World?). As we soaked in all the Disney magic, I couldn’t help but look at the whole experience through my business eyes.


We spent two days at the Magic Kingdom and, of course, that always includes a lot of time spent waiting in lines and I couldn’t help but think about how Disney delivers value. You see, Disney is AMAZING at delivering a crazy valuable experience, despite the lines and the Florida heat. And because of that, they essentially remove any possible price objective someone may have.


Think about it... people from all walks of life and all income levels visit Disney World. And they spend a ridiculous amount of money there because nothing is cheap! And they’ve made it even easier to spend money with those darn
wristbands so now you don’t even notice how much you spent until you get the final bill after you get home. Some people save up for years to afford a Disney vacation. And they pay the Disney prices because you just can’t experience “magic” quite like you can at Disney, anywhere else. And that, my friends, is VALUE.



Today, I’m going to dive into the five ways that Disney delivered exceptional value and removes all possible price objections in the process and how you can follow their lead in your own business.


1. The Experience

Disney creates such a unique experience for each of their guests, which includes some serious attention to detail. Every part of Disney from the characters, to the rides, to the cast members, even the park itself is all intricately woven together almost seamlessly to give you the greatest possible experience. No detail is overlooked. When you’re standing in line for a ride, all the decor around you is a part of the overall story of the ride. So is the music you’re hearing, whether it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music or the "It’s a Small World" song.


Every single thing a guest experiences with any of their five senses at Disney World is intentional and every piece contributes to the overall story they are telling and the overall experience they want the guest to have. How can you give your clients and customers an elevated experience that is intentional at every turn? From the moment a potential client visits your website, to your on-boarding process, to the work you do with them, to the follow-up after your work is completed should all tie into your overall story and every part should be an experience.


Now it might be difficult to make it as magical as Disney, but it can certainly be intentional and hopefully leave them raving about you.


2. Customer Service

Disney offers a level of customer service that is practically unmatched. They treat every one of their guests as special. Every single time one of my girls was addressed by a cast member, they referred to her as princess. Every time a cast
member addressed me as I was checking in, paying for a meal, etc., they called me by name (those wristbands are actually a little creepy when you think about it because they basically know who you are and where you are in the park at all times).


During one afternoon when it was starting to get pretty hot outside, we stopped at one of the food carts for ice cream, and after my girls had told the cast members what they wanted, they were handed their ice cream and given this elaborate story about how Mickey actually knew they would be wanting some ice cream and he told them that he was thinking of them and wanted them to have this special treat. And then they told me there was no charge for the ice cream bars. Seriously, they just gave them to us for free! THAT is how you surprise and delight your customers. They gave us something completely unexpected and went above and beyond.


How can you surprise and delight your clients or customers? What can you offer them that is completely unexpected throughout either their buying experience or their time working with you? How can you go above and beyond? As you saw in my example, it doesn’t have to be something huge or expensive, it just has to be intentional and meaningful.


3. Efficiency

There is a process to EVERYTHING and every cast member knows exactly what their role is and what they should be
doing. And YOU know what to expect because everything is exactly the same every day. You line up the same way at every ride, you order food the same way at every quick service restaurant, you pay for everything quickly and efficiently using your wristband or magic band.


Whenever a parade is about to begin (which happens 2-3 times a day at Disney), cast members show up out of nowhere on Main Street and begin clearing the street. In less than two minutes, all the park guests were along the side of the street and a parade was rolling down the street. Everything works like a well-oiled machine and it’s incredible to watch. And that all comes back to having extremely clear and efficient processes.


In your business, have you taken the time to map out how everything gets done so that it gets done the same way every time? Or so that it gets done in the most efficient way possible? How can you put better systems and processes in place so that your business runs like a well-oiled machine?


4. Community

There are hundreds of blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, chat rooms, etc. ALL dedicated to sharing a love of Disney with fellow Disney lovers. It’s like you are a part of a special club that no one else understands.


Is there a community around what you sell that’s filled with raving fans? It doesn’t even necessarily have to be created by you, but it can be. Facebook groups and membership sites are the best examples of communities within the creative and online business space that you can be a part of. But how can you foster and grow community within your industry and surrounding the product or service that you offer?


5. Visiting Disney Feels Like a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event

You can’t experience the same thing as Disney World ANYWHERE else. Going to any other amusement park pales in comparison. Why? For all the reasons I mentioned above. Those all contribute to the unique value that Disney offers. And when you offer something that no one can replicate, that someone can’t experience anywhere else? Well, people will pay whatever you ask for it, as evidenced by the prices at Disney. Would you pay $10,000 or more to
spend a week at any other amusement park? Nope.



And that, my friends, is how Disney manages to completely remove price objections and bring a massive amount of value to the experience of visiting their parks. I know I’m already excited for our next trip, which probably won’t be for a couple of years because while totally magical, it’s also very exhausting to bring children to Disney World. I felt like I needed to sleep for a week after we trekked like 15 miles over the course of two days.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I can't wait to talk to you next time!


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