How Scarcity Thinking Is Holding Your Team Back with Latasha Doyle

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2020
Today my own content manager and copyrighter, Latasha Doyle is joining me to co-host this week's episode and we are exploring how running a team from a place of scarcity is holding your business back.
  1. The mistakes we see online business owners making when managing their team and contractors
  2. We explore common scarcity thoughts such as "what if my team member leaves me?", "I wish my contractors were more available to me", and "is my team really invested in my business?"
  3. How to lead and manage your team well from a place of abundance and positivity rather than fear and scarcity
  4. How to truly step into your CEO role and build a team that always has your back
Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode: 
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About Latasha:
Latasha is a content + copy specialist, nerd extraordinaire, speed reader, and wannabe yogi.
Since 2014, she has helped dozens of entrepreneurs, business owners, and digital agencies create copy and content. From writing an entire nuts and bolts catalog to helping 6-figure coaches launch their next offer, she's been around the writer’s block a few times.
She's found, over time, that her superhuman skill lies in matching tone of voice and brand voice for her clients, and in being versatile.

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