Stepping Into A Leadership Role with Teresa Kwon

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2020
In today's episode, I'm talking to my friend Teresa Kwon, of Daringly Great Leadership about how to step into a leadership role as the CEO of your business and how to lead your team to success.
  1. What it means to be a leader in the online marketing industry
  2. Who your first hire should be as an online entrepreneur
  3. Why entrepreneurs are struggling in hiring the right people for the teams and what to do instead
  4. What entrepreneurs can do to better lead their teams
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About Teresa
Teresa hails from the taco-lovin’ Austin, Texas where she is a high-impact leadership speaker, strategist, coach, and Founder of Daringly Great Leadership  For 25 years she has helped leaders of startups, businesses, and reputable organizations build and scale with aligned and high-performing teams. Teresa holds a Master in Public Administration with a specialization in Nonprofit Leadership & Management from the Henry W. Bloch School of Business Management and is Certified Scrum Professional, Certified in Fundraising, and a PMP. Teresa is an avid globetrotter, foodie, philanthropist, bookworm, and nature lover. She is married to a her rock and Sushi Chef and is fur-mom to an adorable toy poodle named Blackjack. They were last spotted wandering the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios outside London after conquering the GOT glacier in Iceland.

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