Structuring Your Day For Success

productivity tips Mar 25, 2018


If you’ve known me at all for a while, you know I LOVE to talk about pricing and profitability, it’s been my favorite topic for years because I’m fascinated by value, and worth, and how emotions play into what people buy and how much they spend. 

But in working with clients and students over the past several years, and with my own life getting ever more chaotic as I raise three kids now, I’ve developed a new love interest with productivity. I love studying motivation and why it’s so much easier for some people to get things done quickly while other people procrastinate and struggle, and I love discovering new ways to be more efficient and streamlined because, after all, if you can get the same amount of work done in less time, you can make more money! 

I am so excited to teach you, my readers, how to not only tackle the money side of your business to become more profitable, but also tackle the efficiency side of your business.



Let's discuss how to structure your day for success.


First, You Need to Plan Ahead.

I know this sounds like an obvious one but you’d be surprised how many people don’t spend time mapping out what needs to get done before they start their week. I love to use the Weekly Kickstart Notepad from Inkwell Press. Spend some time on Sunday or even first thing Monday morning looking at what’s coming down the pipeline for your business, and decide what projects you’ll be focusing on for the week AND what your top 3-5 tasks are for each day and write them down somewhere.


Don’t Start Your Monday by Rushing Into Work.

I used to hold the false belief for years that I had to be super productive right away. Some days I wouldn’t even shower until halfway through the day, I would just get up, eat breakfast, crack open my laptop, and dive in. It was so bad!

Now I set up my day for success by taking some time for myself first and slowly easing into work. I spend time reading every morning, I tidy up after the kids are off to school and daycare because I can’t stand to work with the house is a wreck, I work out, shower, do my makeup, and then once I’m feeling like I’ve taken care of myself, I sit down at my desk and get to work.

It’s amazing how much more focused and productive I am when I’m not still in my PJ’s working while standing at the counter eating breakfast at the same time.


Third, Prioritize Your Tasks.

After I’ve finished my morning routine and I’m feeling relaxed and ready to dive into my work, I take a look at what’s on my plate for the day.

Now, most people would think that you just dive in at this point, but I find that it’s important to revisit the tasks I’ve set for the day and spend a few minutes prioritizing them. To do this, I ask myself a few questions:

  1. What has to get done today?
  2. Are there any tasks that I'm dreading? (I will try to do these at the beginning of the day when I have the most energy)
  3. Do I have the brainpower to do this task today?

Remember, it’s okay to move things around as long as you’re still getting things accomplished and moving the needle forward every day.


Next, Work Within a Block Schedule.

You can save SO much time by grouping similar tasks together and carving out blocks of time in your schedule. I have 3-4 hour blocks of time carved out on specific days for specific business tasks whether it be checking in with my business management clients and mapping out their monthly and weekly plans, content creation, etc.

If you bounce around from random thing to random thing to random thing all day long, you waste so much time having to refocus yourself after each task. But once you’re already in the mindset and prepared for a specific task it’s much easier to continue with similar tasks. Instead of writing a blog post between other various tasks, carve out time each week or month to write 4 blog posts at once.


Lastly, Don’t Start With Your Inbox!

Literally start anywhere but your inbox. By opening your inbox first, you lose control of the day because now you’re reacting to new tasks or emails rather than focusing on the top 2-3 tasks you set for yourself.

I have a whole system that I use to manage my inbox and keep my inbox at zero every single day - yes, seriously, I keep my inbox clear - and it’s actually totally doable I promise. To grab the guide - it’s totally free of course - head on over here to pick it up.



I hope these tips will help you be successful in your business! If you have any tips for me, please comment down below and let me know.


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