Stop Worrying About What Other Businesses Charge

Aug 14, 2018

Today I want to tell you about why you should STOP worrying about what everyone else is charging and since you shouldn’t be worrying about what they are charging, you definitely SHOULD NOT be basing your own prices on what other people charge. Usually when someone starts a business, they aren’t sure what they should charge so they do some internet digging and other research, and they try to figure out what other people with the same service or product are charging. Then they decide to charge about 25-50% less than what everyone else seems to be charging in an attempt to get some quick business.

Now there are a whole lot of issues happening here, but don’t feel bad if this is how you set your prices for the first time. You are in good company as this is how pretty much everyone I’ve ever talked to or coached or consulted with also did it. Even I did it this way when I first started out. Unfortunately this method is pretty problematic because many people in the...

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