You love supporting online business owners with your skill, but it's starting to weigh on you.


Whether you’re a VA, project manager, coach, or other support team member, you manage a lot of clients and love helping them get their big projects off the ground and into the world.

You're good at it, too.

But despite starting your career to make your own schedule and probably work from home, the reality is: you don’t have much control over your schedule at all. 

You’re working long hours, and working on weekends.

You’re not getting paid enough for those hours. Let’s be real.

You’re not making the kind of impact you really want to be making.

You feel unappreciated for the real results and wins you help your clients achieve.

You’re the last on the totem pole, and it feels like everything comes down to you — at the last second.

Get Out of Overwhelm for Good

In a nutshell, you’re tired.

And if you’re being entirely honest with yourself,

you’re burnt out.

(or really freaking close)

Here are just a few signs that you’re burnt-out:

  • You get angry when your clients email you another task or update that adds more work to your plate
  • You dread opening email, Asana, or other notifications to see what you’ve missed overnight/over the weekend
  • You get headaches or feel sick more often
  • Your patience with your clients or other team members is wearing thin, and you find yourself complaining about them — or even snapping at them
  • You lay in bed at night, thinking about all the things you have to do / that are still up in the air
  • You struggle to focus, and can’t seem to switch between tasks or even clients
  • You wonder if you really want to be a VA anymore, or if that client you’ve loved working with in the past is someone you want to work with now
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Even if you don’t feel these things right now, you might if things keep going the way they are right now.

But I have great news: burnout doesn’t have to be a thing.

You can actually prevent (and reverse) burnout you might experience in your client work. 

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I created this simple but super in-depth guide to help you conquer that overwhelm and burnout so you can begin to make a bigger income and impact in whatever role you love. I know that’s the life you want for yourself, the one where:

  • Your clients know your boundaries (and don’t break them)
  • You have control over your schedule
  • You know what’s coming and when
  • You work as a team — not as the last cog in the wheel
  • You feel respected and valued for what you do
  • You get to take time OFF so you can do and feel your best

I know that burnout doesn’t have to be your life as a freelancer.

Download How to Conquer Freelancer Burnout (for Good) now to learn how.

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