Are you a digital CEO who struggles to get your big goals in motion, or to see results from the ideas, offers, and strategies you want to try?

Are you constantly changing direction to follow your new ideas down the rabbit hole? Is it time to up-level your business, but you need someone to help turn your vision into reality? 

Sounds like you need a digital COO.

Are you in a launch cycle, unsure of what needs to get done? Are you managing a team for the first time on your latest launch and aren’t sure what to delegate?

You need a source of truth that keeps your launch organized and on-target.

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Hey there, I’m Kristin. 

As the digital COO (integrator and operations expert) for a number of digital CEOs,

I know how much you want to do.

You’re a visionary — the type of person who has big dreams (a lot of them).

But you also have a hard time getting those dreams off the ground.

And that’s OK! Your unique gifts are part of what makes you so successful and driven.

 What you need is someone who can balance the scales and help you reach new heights (and new revenue).

That’s where a digital COO comes in. These people are the doers, the ones who get things done.

They can take your big, lofty goals and break them into actionable steps.

More than that, they can help you execute on them, monitor the results, and iterate on what to try next time. A digital COO is the peanut butter to your jelly.

And yes, they do exist.

As a digital COO, I know firsthand how much more impact you can have with the right digital COO on your side.


When a digital CEO pairs up with his or her perfect COO: 

➡️ You’ll be able to get those big goals broken down into actionable projects

➡️ CEOs will finally be able to step into their visionary role within the business

➡️ You’ll have the tools, systems, and processes you need to see faster success

➡️ There is less chaos, less stress, and less time wasted

➡️ Your business will feel like a well-oiled machine (to you and your audience)

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So… what do you need to get from solo CEO to a digital CEO & COO duo? 

I’ve got a few resources to help you get started.

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The Launch Club Mastermind

Ready to take your launches to the next level, but don’t have the support?

The Launch Club Mastermind is a 9-month group coaching and mastermind program for online entrepreneurs and digital CEOs

Learn More
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The Planning For Profit Podcast

A Podcast For Digital CEOS & The Integrators Who Support Them. For visionary entrepreneurs looking to step into the digital CEO role in their business and for Integrators looking to level up. You’ll get the tools and insights you need to create more impact and more income together

Listen Here
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Digital CEO & COO Matchup

 When it comes time to find yourself a COO, you want to hire someone who can take initiative, break big concepts into projects and plans, and help you track (and push) progress. You also need to “click.” My CEO/COO Matchup that makes it easier to find the COO you need to grow your business and bottom line. 

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The Digital COO Academy

The Digital COO Academy is designed to arm integrator-types, doers, and “digital COOs” with the tools they need to help digital CEOs create more impact and income.

Take the quiz to find out if your VA, business manager, or other team member would be a good fit for the Digital COO Academy

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