Is an integrator or Digital COO the missing piece to your business' success?



You know you need a team to help you reach that next level in your business. You’ve heard about integrators, OBMs, and other roles that seem like the kind of help you want… but what do you really need?

Growing pains are real and, as your business reaches a certain level of impact and income, it might be time to invest in a team member who can help you take it to the next level.

Is that a virtual assistant? A project manager? Or do you need an expert integrator, or digital COO?

Not sure what a digital COO does?


A digital COO, or Chief Operating Officer, is the doer to your dreamer. The integrator to your visionary. 

Digital COOs help you, the leader of your business, get stuff done. Not just talking about it, not just listing out the tasks, but actually moving the needle forward.

A COO is someone you trust to get everything done. To manage your team. And to buffer the amount of time you have to spend managing the minutiae. 

I’ve seen firsthand how much more impact you can have with the right digital COO on your side. But that doesn’t mean every business (or CEO) is ready for a digital COO.

Is yours? Let’s find out.


Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • You’re feeling like you have a million things going on in your business and you can't keep track of what you should be focused on or doing

  • You’re overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list

  • You’re having trouble seeing the forest for the trees, and losing sight of the big picture

  • You don't have the time or bandwidth to focus on where you really want to take your business

  • You feel like you are spending too much time managing your team and not enough time doing the CEO tasks that you need to be doing

  • Your business is growing but it feels like it's starting to get away from you and you can't keep up

If you’re nodding along to most or all of the above, it might be time to hire a digital COO. But before you make that leap, I’d recommend digging in a bit further.

Why am I sharing this training?

Hey there, I’m Kristin Kaplan. I have served dozens of digital CEO clients, helping them grow their business to 6+ figures, and some have even had 6-figure launches. 

I’ve seen firsthand what a CEO and COO can do together. But only when it’s the right time and the right people.

Many digital CEOs try to grow their team before they are ready, and I’ve seen them hire the wrong people for their needs. The end result? They’re frustrated, disillusioned, and feel stagnant in their business.

I don’t want that for you, so I’m sharing my insights on what you may need to help you unlock new levels of success, and find the right people to help you do just that.

This video training will help you see if a digital COO or integrator is your next step, or if there’s something else you should do first.


This video training is totally free and only 60 minutes, but it can save you thousands of dollars on a bad hire and months of stress looking for someone who can finally freakin’ help.

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