The Ultimate Launch Process Plan is the step-by-step guide you need to: 

✔️ Map out each phase of your launch without overwhelm

✔️ Know what steps to focus on first as you plan your launch

✔️ Actively and strategically market your launch and fill it with potential clients

✔️ Manage cart open and close phases without missing a beat so that you can actually enjoy your launch!

✔️ Take the stress out of launching so that you can focus on selling and serving your new clients!


Launching — it's overwhelming, right?

You start out excited about your new product, service, or offering but you know you need to take it to the masses to really attract interest. So you plan your launch.

You think about landing pages, ads, live events, your social posts, your emails, your promos… the list goes on and on and on. And if you’re doing it all by yourself, a launch can seem like the Mount Everest of business projects.

Pretty soon, you get bogged down in the details, losing sight of why the product, service, or offering that got you fired up in the first place.

Don’t you just WISH someone would give you the roadmap for a successful launch?

Wouldn’t a clean, simple checklist outlining what you need to do or delegate be nice?

And don’t you deserve to keep your stress, to-do lists, and hours spent in front of the computer in check?

Well, you’re in luck. 

The Ultimate Launch Process Plan is designed for busy biz owners and entrepreneurs who know the value of a well-executed launch plan, but just don’t have the time or know-how to make it do.

More than a step-by-step checklist, the Launch Process Plan gives you tips on how to navigate each part of the launch, as well as how to keep your stress in check. You can rely on this resource to tame down your emotions, keep everything on track, and help you get the results you’re really hoping to get from your upcoming launch. 

Reach your cart close day with fewer gray hairs, more strategic planning, and more happy customers. Download the Launch Process Plan today!

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