How to Price Your Online Courses, Products & Programs

(so you can make more money + spend less time selling)

with Kristin Kaplan


If you’re considering (or have started) making the shift from 1:1 client work with an online product, course, or other offering, the biggest question is often “How should I price it?”

The truth is, online offer pricing is entirely different from 1:1 service pricing, and it’s perfectly normal to not know what to charge!

That’s why I created this training for you, so you can find the prices that are right for you, your offering, and your market.


This how-to training is right for you if…

You’re ready to scale your business with your course, coaching program, or digital product, but you're not quite sure how to price your offer

… You checked competitor prices before deciding what your offer’s price should be, but are quickly realizing you can’t make money this way

… You’re worried that your offering is priced too high to sell — or too low to make a profit

… You got crickets on your last launch and are wondering why your offering isn’t selling like you thought

… You feel like you have to keep launching + selling to hit the revenue goals you really want


If any of that sounds like what you’ve been struggling with...

Join me on this FREE live workshop on where I’ll be covering the five pillars of pricing your online offers so that you can boost your sales and find success with your online offerings.

What you'll learn...

1) The 5 pillars of pricing your online offers to convert more sales and make buying a no-brainer for your customers and clients.

2) The 3 biggest pricing mistakes that digital entrepreneurs make so that you never leave money on the table AGAIN.

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3) The one thing standing in your way from massively scaling your revenue (without spending more time selling). 

About Kristin Kaplan

Hey there! I’m Kristin and I'm here to help online entrepreneurs and experts price their offers so they can make more revenue with less work. After growing a successful 6-figure wedding planning business, I leveraged my knowledge to create offers and programs that helped other entrepreneurs build more sustainable (and successful) businesses. I am a left-brained, numbers kinda gal who believes that business is a numbers game. If you’re ready to learn how to price your offers so you actually make the money you want to be making...

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