How to Price Your Online Courses, Products and Programs

To Convert More Sales

with Kristin Kaplan

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Are you are ready to scale your business with your course, coaching program, or digital product but you're still not quite sure how to pricing your offer?

Everyone is telling you to "charge what you're worth!" but what does that even mean? 

You're hoping for a successful launch but you're worried that if you price your offer too high, no one will buy it.

Or even worse, you'll price it too low and you'll barely make money. 

Maybe you've already launched that course or coaching program but all you've gotten is crickets...and you think it could be because of the price...


Let's face it, pricing an online knowledge-based offer is TOTALLY different than pricing a 1:1 service but it doesn't have to be difficult. What if you could have confidence in the price of your offer and KNOW that it's going to convert into sales?

Join me on this FREE live workshop to learn the five pillars of pricing your online offers so that you can boost your sales and stop leaving money on the table.

What you'll learn...

1) The 5 pillars of pricing your online offers to convert more sales and make buying a no-brainer for your customers and clients.

2) The 3 biggest pricing mistakes that entrepreneurs make so that you never leave money on the table AGAIN.


3) The one thing standing in your way from massively scaling your revenue (without spending more time selling). 

About Kristin Kaplan

Hey there! I’m Kristin and I'm all about helping entrepreneurs and online experts create a plan to achieve more revenue, faster results, and more freedom in their businesses. After growing a successful 6-figure wedding planning business, I leveraged my expertise and built a successful online business as a strategist, coach, and integrator and I have spent the past 5 years helping hundreds of entrepreneurs build more profitable and sustainable businesses.

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