You and I both know you're capable of more.

But how do you go from "reliable freelancer" to "expert integrator"? Join the FREE 3-part living training series to find out!

As a virtual assistant, project manager, systems expert, OBM, or someone with another “doer” title... 

You do a lot for your clients. 

You help the online business owners you work for move the needle forward and You. Get. Things. Done. 

But you often feel like the last cog in the wheel. Like you’re always reacting to the last-minute, must-get-done things.

You don’t feel fully valued for all that you do, and you’re starting to wear a little thin. Freelancer burnout is real, and you’ve been there (or are very close).

You know you want to keep doing this work, but you know you need to work smarter. You also know you’re ready to serve clients on a higher level, and to stop feeling like the person who just executes on tiny tasks every day.

You’re ready to become a Digital COO. I’m ready to help.

Join my 3-part training series

Hey there, I’m Kristin. 

As the digital COO (online Chief Operations Officer) and integrator for a number of six-figure women-owned businesses, I want to help you get out of this cycle of overworked // underpaid // under-appreciated. 

I also want to help you tap into your own digital COO capabilities so you can level up your own work, your client base, and your income.

With the right support and resources, you’ll be better equipped to support digital CEO clients who want higher-level, strategic assistance.

Best of all, you’ll become a valued member of the team and have more control over your schedule, your income, and the projects you work on.

I know it’s possible to offer higher-level support to digital CEOs.
I know it’s possible to make more of an impact.
I know it’s possible to take your career to the next level.

I know because I’ve done it. And I’m ready to show you how.

That’s why I created a 3-part LIVE training series: How to Uplevel & Become a Digital COO

Ready to become an integrator to online business owners?


In my upcoming 3-part Digital COO training, I’ll walk you through:

➡️ The role a digital COO plays in online businesses

➡️ How to determine if becoming a Digital COO is right for you

➡️ How to showcase the value you offer new and current clients

➡️ Why imposter syndrome keeps you from up-leveling

➡️ Which traits and skills you can harness to become a COO

➡️ How to avoid burnout and get your days, weeks, and evenings back

You’re ready to stop feeling like the “trusty (but underpaid) task-doer” and finally support businesses on a higher level. This 3-part training will show you how.


After this training, you’ll know:

➡️If you’re interested in becoming a COO 
➡️Which traits/qualities/skills can help you uplevel 
➡️Which clients are open to COO-level support 
➡️Which resources you need to train up properly 
➡️What you offer CEOs & new clients who want higher level support 

Sick of waiting for that late-night email from a client who needs something at the last minute?

Register for this 3-part training to learn how to get out of freelancer burnout, up-level your services, and finally have control over your time! 

See you for our first training on Thursday, May 21st 12:00 EST (11:00am CST).



Register for this 3-part training to learn how to get out of VA burnout, uplevel your services, and finally have control over your time!