$297.00 USD

Do you want on-going strategy and support in scaling your business and your revenue? Try out my monthly program, Plan to Profit for 7 days for only $1! 

Plan To Profit is a monthly membership program where you will gain ongoing support, additional education, and resources to help you stay the course in building a scalable business model and launching your online offers. 

We all know how easy it is to get distracted, lose motivation, and start chasing those shiny objects. The monthly program will keep your ship on course so you can reach your new revenue goals FASTER. Every month you will get access to the following...

  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Laser Coaching Sessions
  • Quarterly Goal Check-ins & Challenges
  • On-going support and accountability

You'll also get access to our live 90-Day Profit Plan Workshops where, together, we:

  • Break down your goals for the quarter
  • Identify the projects to focus on for more growth
  • Create your specific 90-day monthly/weekly/daily plan for success with the 90 Day Profit Plan Workbook

You will be charged $37 per month after your 7-day trial concludes but you can cancel anytime by emailing [email protected]

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Price To Profit

Price To Profit is designed to take your hand and give you the exact process to create a profitable pricing strategy, an irresistible offer, craft your unique value proposition, and ditch your limiting money beliefs so that you can convert more sales and welcome more revenue into your business with ease.

  • The Pricing Workbook: 21 Page PDF Workbook with 8 chapters to teach you how to price each of your offers to sell, set sales goals, craft a strong unique value proposition to communicate your value, and understand how to account profit and pay yourself.  
  • My proven pricing formula to easily price each of your 1:1 services.
  • The Irresistible Offer Workshop
  • 6 Spreadsheet calculators to make in both Excel and Numbers formats to make the number crunching simple and stress-free. 
  • BONUS: The Money Mindset Framework, a six lesson course to teach you how ditch your negative money stories and welcome money in with abundance.
  • BONUS: 2 Live Coaching Calls
  • BONUS: Advanced Pricing Strategies Workshop: Learn how to use sales psychology and price anchoring to steer potential buyers to the offer you want them to buy.