"How much should I charge?"

Are you struggling with "what to charge" to actually hit your revenue goals? Do you want to attract higher paying clients and customers and get them to pay you what you're worth? 

Let's Break It Down

You started a business to create and do the creative work you love but you’re still not attracting the right clients and getting paid enough. You’ve set your prices based on what others are charging for similar products and services but for some reason you’re still not breaking even or paying yourself a decent salary.

YOU WANT A PROFITABLE BUSINESS! You want a simpler way to figure out exactly what to charge to make a living doing what you love. You want to enjoy your creative work without worrying about whether you’ll have any money to show for it at the end of the year.

Whether your business is brand new or you’ve been at it for years, The Pricing Workbook will break down how to price your products and services and guide you in understanding your VALUE so that you can confidently charge what you know you’re worth and grow your business.

What's Included

The Pricing Workbook is a 20 page PDF guide, along with a bundle of 8 actionable spreadsheets, that walks you through the process of setting your prices for your products and services through simple prompts and formulas, crafting your unique value proposition, and mapping out a profit plan to continually grow your business.

1. The Wrong Way To Price Your Products & Services

Discover the pricing mistakes that many creative business owners make and rest assured that you aren’t leaving money on the table.

2. Cost Vs. Value And Finding The Sweet Spot

Understand the difference between a cost-based strategy and a value-based strategy and utilize both in finding your pricing “sweet spot”.

3. Let’s Do Some (Easy) MATH!

Plan out your revenue streams and then follow the simple guide and pricing formula to determine your pricing for each product or service that you offer.

4. The Importance Of VALUE

Uncover the easiest way to make more money and craft your unique value proposition so that clients and customers will NEVER think you’re too expensive.

5. Create A Profit Plan

Learn how to set base, mid-level, and peak goals for your sales so that you know exactly what you need to sell to keep your business profitable and sustainable long-term.

6. Accounting For Profit & How To Pay Yourself

Learn how to set up easy accounting systems and pay yourself the right way so that you always have the money you need in the bank when you need it.

Spreadsheets Do the Math For You

In addition to the strategy, charts, and formulas included in the Workbook, you also receive EIGHT amazingly helpful and time-saving spreadsheets that are SUPER simple to use. Just plug in your numbers and all the math is done FOR YOU! The spreadsheets make it extremely easy to adjust your numbers and sales goals on the fly and see directly how they impact your bottom line.

"The Pricing Workbook is JUST what I needed as I head into the new year offering a new service. Kristin's advice to "not trade hours for dollars" was an a-ha moment for me! The bundle does the math for you (and, let's face it, for most of us that's the yucky part) and spells out, quite simply, what you must charge to grow your business. The Pricing Workbook is an invaluable resource that I will be revisiting again and again."

Jodi Brandon
Jodi Brandon Editorial

"I wish I had this workbook years ago! This workbook makes setting your prices so clear and easy. Instead of arbitrarily setting prices, Kristin helps you strategically set your prices to have a profitable business."

Jessica Freeman
Jess Creatives

"Working through Kristin's Pricing Workbook was invaluable to my business. It was incredibly eye opening in terms of my costs, and what I truly needed to be charging to be profitable. The workbook is full of super helpful information and makes pricing and numbers way less intimidating!"

Ashley Stork
Magnolia Vine Events

The Pricing Workbook

  • 20 Page PDF Workbook
  • 5 Lessons filled with actionable content & strategy
  • My proven pricing formulas to easily price each product or service offering
  • Guide to creating a profit plan
  • Bonus Lesson on creating a profitable accounting system and paying yourself
  • Bundle of 8 Spreadsheets in both Excel and Numbers formats
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