You work hard to support your clients.

Whether you’re a virtual assistant, online business manager, strategist, coach, or other support professional, you do a lot for them.
You’ve helped them grow their businesses to new heights, and you love what you do. 
But as you build your client base and your expertise…


You know you want to do more.

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You’d love to help your clients grow their teams so even more of those big, dreamy ideas can be brought to life. And you want more control over (and money for) the work you do.

But you’re not sure how to level up in that way, or which services to offer clients so they know you are capable of more than “checking tasks off a list.” Staying stuck like that might have you thinking, “Why am I trying to do even more for clients who don’t know how much I already do?!” 

You want to be the one who helps clients on a higher level. You are ready to level up the services you provide, and to flex your strategic muscles.


So… how can you get off the task-list hamster wheel and finally step into a higher level role for the online business owners and digital CEOs you support?

By Becoming a Digital COO

Every great business owner and digital CEO, in my opinion, needs a great digital COO. 

A Chief Operating Officer is the person who is the doer to their dreamer, the integrator to their visionary. Most importantly, a COO helps business owners get stuff done. Not just talking about it, not just listing out the tasks, but actually moving the needle forward.

A COO is someone these business owners trust to get everything done. To manage their team. And to buffer the amount of time they have to spend managing the minutiae. 

If that’s you, you have COO potential.

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But are you meant to be a COO?

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Before you assume you are ready to step into the role of a digital COO… I have some questions for you. 

More precisely, I have created a quiz to see if you are REALLY ready to uplevel your services and hone your skills. This short quiz should only take you a few minutes to complete, and offer you some quick results.

In 10 minutes or less, you’ll know if you are ready to become a COO or not — and what to do about it. Stop spinning your wheels and working long hours for little recognition and less money.

Take the quiz to see if you’re ready for a promotion!

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